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Recently aired on CNN's Hanoi-specific Destination program, Viet Phu Thanh Thanh – a complex of cultural architecture introduced to the world. Dan Tham and Kate Springer posted on CNN Travel:

Surrounded by lotus ponds, bonsai trees shading green, Vietnamese Thanh Thanh Chuong is one of the most cultural destinations in Vietnam. Located on a hill leaning on a branch of Soc Son Mountain, Soc Son District, Hanoi, Viet Phu will be the place to tell you about the story of culture and history of Vietnam through the architectural works.

 Video: CNN. As part of the conservation project, many ancient relics found throughout Vietnam of various ethnic groups are collected in Viet Phu, displayed in ancient houses and stone bridges. This 500 year old. </p> <p class= "You will see everything in this place, from the space, the atmosphere to the ecology, architecture and art." Vietnam is an agricultural country but people are always on the good side.

An intriguing project

Viet Phu Thanh Thanh was originally an individual project, which has now become a major tourist attraction.

"My father is very passionate about Vietnamese folk heritage, he knows a lot about customs, customs, festivals and other activities of the Vietnamese. , I have had a great influence from my father. "

Viet Phu was a private place, where artist Thanh Chuong and his family expressed their respect for Vietnamese art. Later, the artist decided to share, open this place for everyone to enjoy.

"Vietnam has to go through many wars thousands of years ago, which shows that there are periods In the history of the nation where traditional cultural values ​​have been destroyed, has been negatively impacted by war, natural disasters or poor awareness . Many relics and artifacts were destroyed to replace it with modern ones, and I really find it difficult to understand, "said Thanh Chuong. Photos: CNN. "Data-natural-width =" 500 "src ="”/>

A little corner of the free Phu Thanh Thanh. Explore the lands

Open to visitors since 2009, the complex of multi-rooted, leafy foliage, stone bridges, shrines, long time … quickly became an attractive place for both tourists and the people of Hanoi. When walking through the gardens, home, each place will leave a sense of identity, specific to each ethnic group or culture. For example, when coming to the stilt house – a symbol of the life of the Muong, a group of people living mainly in the south west of Hanoi.

According to artist Thanh Chuong, "Our ancestors are farmers, spending their lives under the bamboos of our village." Our culture is a culture of cultivation. What is very pure, simple, rustic and friendly. To me, that is the origin of the people of Vietnam. "

Voices of art

In the galleries you will find many collections of paintings, pottery, porcelain, statues, antiques and even works of artist Thanh Chuong. In it there is an impressive picture inspired by the Vietnamese folk, the legend of the dragon baby fairy. The painter shares that painting expressing his spirit and passion for preserving the national cultural heritage for later generations. Over the years, Viet Thanh Thanh Chuong has become an ideal place to perform water puppetry and folk music. Water puppetry is one of the oldest art forms in Vietnam, reflecting the old way of life of the people. The founder of this art is Tu Dao Hanh, who invented the water puppetry at Thay Pagoda, Quoc Oai, Hanoi.

Huong Chi (19459030) [CNN] According to CNN, )