: VGP News:. | Prime Minister responds to questions about bringing electric cars for tourism in Sam Son


(Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung), the Prime Minister has written in response to the question of Representative Liu Pyong, delegation of National Assembly of Thanh Hoa. Prime Minister receives questions from deputy Liu Pyongyang, delegation of National Assembly of Thanh Hoa province about the two electric bus 4 in the area of ​​Sam Son city for tourism.

Answering the question, the Prime Minister said, type of 4 wheel vehicle with electric motor (or gasoline engine) has not been regulated in the provisions of the law on the delivery. current roadway. Based on the practical needs of our country as well as the experiences of some countries in the world, in the past the Prime Minister has agreed to pilot the operation of this type of vehicle in some provinces In the case of Thanh Hoa province, the Prime Minister has approved the pilot project of investment in electric cars Passengers traveling in the area of ​​Sam Son city, the pilot period 02 years since the project was approved by competent authorities (Document No. 4565 / VPCP-KTN dated 22/6/2012).

The Prime Minister also assigned the People's Committees of the provinces and cities directly under the Central Government (including the People's Committee of Thanh Hoa province) This includes the regulation on the roadmap and the duration of operation in order to ensure traffic order and safety in the area.

The pilot mentioned above aims to summarize and evaluate the operational reality. This type of vehicle is to move towards the formal regulation of road traffic legal documents. At present, the Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Transport to finalize the Road Traffic Law 2008, on which to propose amendments and supplements to meet the practical requirements (including the consideration , adding four-wheel-drive vehicles with electric motors to the adjustment of the Act.)

During the pilot phase 4-wheel-drive vehicles with electric motors (or engines gasoline), the system of legal documents to manage this type is incomplete, mainly of temporary nature. The use of this means to engage in traffic in restricted areas for the purpose of paying visitors may be regarded as a business of passenger transportation by car, which is conditional business. According to the Investment Law 2014, which directly affects traffic order and safety, it requires the close management of the local authorities.

Accordingly, pursuant to Article The Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee will consider and decide on the number of vehicles permitted to be piloted as well as the scope of the road in Sam Son City. Ensure traffic order and safety in the area.

Minh Hien