Unique holiday destinations around September 2 around Saigon


So just over a week will be the second holiday season. This is an opportunity for you to relieve stress after a stressful workout. Have you found a place to relax for this holiday yet? Refer to the unique tourist attractions. Mai Waterfall

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Mai Waterfall is located in Gia Canh Commune, Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai, is a beautiful and pristine waterfall. most of Dong Nai. This is the ideal destination for those who love the wild beauty and love the new things. The atmosphere here is very fresh, cool, suitable for you to find the occasion if you want to escape the noise of the city.

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And you will be comfortable camping, bathing waterfall, exploring the forest, experience the feeling of walking on the bridge across the falls or just to record the unforgettable moments in life. ] Buu Long Tourist Area – “Dalat Miniature”

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After being upgraded, this area has “peeled” With attractive names such as “Dalat miniature version”, “Lower Ha Long Bay of the South East”. You will enjoy the romantic, romantic as the “brothers” of Dalat, will find familiar with the rocks rising high in the middle of the lake and realize that this is the “Little Bay”

Suoi Mo Park

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Only 100km from Saigon, Suoi Mo Park is the ideal destination for everyone, especially young people on weekends, feast of t Unique holiday destinations around the 2/9 around Saigon - 2

You will be fascinated by the green space, the cool and clear water as the name ” Stream “of it. You know, stream water here is the water that is extracted from the groundwater with small streams of water through the rocks, poured into the lake so cool, so you can see the bottom.

Mo Stream is a special stream like that, rather than cold water streams treated like other lakes and streams. Come here, you spoiled the “bounce foam” in the cool water with the screen, check out all types.

Besides, you can participate in many camping activities, BBQ party, organizing teambuilding

Da Han Waterfall

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Speaking of fun spots near Saigon, it is impossible not to mention Han Waterfall. The strength of this place is the majestic beauty of nature with white waterfalls like the soul of heaven and earth, the large rocks mixed with the water make everyone surprised to not be able to take their eyes.

No Only admire the beauty of the beauty of the Han Rock Waterfall, you can also enjoy exciting fun services such as mountain biking, swimming, fishing, fishing, racing

The beautiful water flowing white water at Da Han Waterfall

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