Traveling to Japan – a unique culinary journey

  • Osaka – home to the “national kitchen”

    “If you want to go to Kyoto, if you want to go to Kyoto, if you want to eat, go to Osaka.” Each dish in Osaka has a unique taste:

    – Okonomiyaki – Japanese Cakes: Cabbage and other ingredients such as squid, shrimp, octopus, or meat are mixed together in powder. Baked and grilled on a large teppan grill before being served with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green apple (aonori) and dried tuna (katsuobushi).

    – Takoyaki – Grilled octopus: is sugar dish Traditional Osaka City. The flour is made from wheat flour and eggs covered with octopus, ginger, green onions and fried in special takoyaki pans.

    – Udon Noodles Osaka: Udon noodles are made from wheat flour. In Japan, Udon has many variants, depending on the region, the locality and the weather. The noodles are also thick, different. Legend has it that the Dashi soup, which determines the success of Udon noodles, is rooted in the cuisine of Osaka. “Udon Noodles Osaka” features a very rich Dashi soup extracted from urume, fish and kelp.

  • Kyoto – culinary art culminates

    – Kyoto style sushi: As a city not near the sea, Kyoto’s traditional sushi is often made with preserved fish. One of the most popular sushi dishes is sabazushi, made with mackerel soaked in rice rolls and wrapped in kombu seaweed. Kyoto is famous for its clean water, creating delicious handmade tofu.

    – This delicate delicacy adheres to three principles: using seasonal ingredients, using special flavors and expressing hospitality through each dish, the way to decorate. A kaiseki meal is served in a small portion of the ration, and the dishes are served all the way to the other.

  • Tokyo – a gourmet paradise

    – Sushi Tokyo style: Tokyo is the gathering place sushi artisans – masters of perfection and simplicity.

    – Ramen Noodles: Tokyo not only strives to be luxurious, expensive. At this point, you can try traditional ramen noodles with chopped onion soup with seaweed or pork.

    – Curry: is another attractive dish. With a strong flavor, the dish is a blend of light spicy sauce with rice and meat. Tokyo sweet cakes impress people with their beautiful and sophisticated, like delicate artwork. Here you can enjoy watermelon-feuille cakes and gorgonzola ice cream or a traditional kakigori ice-cream.

  • Nagoya – a place to preserve traditional flavors

    – Hitsumabushi – Eel Grilled: The largest eel is grilled on a fragrant and served with rice. The cooked eel is placed on the rice bowl surface and eaten immediately to taste the eel.

    – Tebasaki – fried wings: What is special here is that this dish is not fried with flour. Crunchy, salty and spicy, add a bit of black sesame and white sesame, it’s great when accompanied by a glass of cold beer.

    – Misokatsu: is a dish featuring crispy pork served with cabbage crunchy and rice. A little sweetness of cabbage and a lot of crispy pork is mixed together.

    – Miso Nikomi Udon – potato noodle: main ingredients include green onion, chicken, mushroom, egg and Noodles are made from potatoes. Hot noodles can soothe any visitors when visiting Nagoya. The journey to the land of “sunrise” will bring visitors a great style trip with the tour of the attractions combine to explore the full Japanese cuisine. Besides there is no lack of fun activities to connect people like teambuilding, gala dinner …