The most exciting and exciting dance this summer



Back to the impressive and unexpected summer of 2018, Ha Long Carnaval promises to become the most attractive event of the year National Tourism in Ha Long – Quang Ninh and turn the city into the country of the months.

Flower Carnival Parade Festival

On the streets of Bai Chay center, 12 flower cars are 12 stage mobile stage is decorated periodically and monumentally. , accompanied by the “princess” and “prince” dressed in magnificent, with music and light magic as stepping out from the fairy tales to the Quang Ninh.

Formed by artisans. “King” of models and mascots, 12 size flowers, bold colors of national culture and character of the pride of Quang Ninh province as t rooftop roof, coal mining industry, special economic zone Van Don – new pride of the Quang Ninh people, new cultural and entertainment facilities … will be introduced to domestic and foreign visitors under a

1100 artists make up the largest ever artwork

A number of critics of up to 1100 artists including dancers, professional singers, Vietnamese models and hundreds of international artists from many countries and regions in the world such as Brazil, Ukraine, China … will converge under the sky of Ha Long, in elaborate items. . The light will shine in the air, and the melodies from lyrical to vibrant, from deep to frenzy will surely conquer the audience.


The stage is full of “magic”

Build from the table hands and the imagination of the “sorcerer Pham Hoang Nam, Ha Long Carnival 2018 stage is not merely the place of performance of the artist, but really a masterpiece to admire and enjoy.

Ha Long Carnaval 2018: The most beautiful and most beautiful in the world

On the stage with a record width of 150m, 9 circles are perfectly matched with high-tech LED system and technology. 3D mapping to create a true “land” of the dragons and dragon.

Especially, when the fireworks display brightly in the sky, I will be amazed by the color of the LEDs when the LED screen is suddenly “revived” thanks to the system of precision rail slide to detail. Still in that seat, emotions are not only kept intact, but also sublimated in the sudden surprise that the team made efforts to give people and visitors, as a gift to cherish.

Beginning on April 26th, the festival opens with a hot street festival and explodes with “Ha Long Carnival Night 2018” on April 28th at the Modern Beach Plaza. Most of Vietnam -Sun Carnival Ha Long has a capacity of more than 6000 people, Canaval Ha Long 2018 is definitely a “must visit” festival, bring many emotions for the people and tourists Quang Ninh.