The 13 locations are ideal to enjoy the beautiful fall


September is the best time of year to admire the changing landscape when it comes to collecting around the world.

1. Grand Canyon National Park, USA

13 Great Places to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn - 1

September is an ideal time to explore Grand Canyon National Park, one of the wonders of nature. the best in the US. While the weather in the summer is very sultry, the temperature starts to fall in the month when the fall is over.

2. Las Vegas, USA

13 Great Places to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn - 2

Las Vegas is always busy, but the number of visitors begins to decline at the end of the summer. The most attractive part of this city in September is the pleasant weather, especially in the evening.

3. Outer Banks, USA

13 Great Places to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn - 3

The Outer Banks Island is an attraction for long and beautiful beaches, lighthouses and wild horses. Historical enthusiasts can explore the Wright Brothers National Memorial and Virginia Dare, the first British child to be born in modern America.

4. White Mountains, USA

13 Great Places to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn - 4

September marks the transition to New England. Visitors can see the area is dyed with red and yellow leaves of autumn. One of the best areas to see the fall is the White Mountains.

5. Limón, Costa Rica

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Limón Province is famous for its diverse wildlife, beautiful beaches and unique culture. The most popular attraction is Tortuguero National Park, where nature lovers can see turtles nest and lay eggs. Long tail puppies, iguanas and lazy bitches also frequently appear here.

6. London, England

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Visitors can arrive in London at any time of year, but September is ideal. You will save a significant amount of money for accommodation as the number of visitors decreases at the end of summer. In addition, the weather is also cooler.

7. Bruges, Belgium

13 beautiful places to enjoy the beautiful autumn - 7

Old Town Bruges is one of the national treasures of Belgium. With many ancient buildings and beautiful landscapes, this city is an ideal destination for travelers who want to relax and unwind. You also have the opportunity to enjoy chocolate, waffles and beer here.

8. Sicily, Italy

13 great places to enjoy the beautiful autumn - 8

This is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy and you can still enjoy the sunny weather on the island. in September. Low tourist season gives you the opportunity to experience the life of the people of Sicily, explore the ancient architecture and outdoor markets on the street.

9. Tbilisi, Georgia

13 great places to enjoy the beautiful autumn - 9

Georgia’s capital Tbilisi is an indispensable destination for architectural visitors. Located in the region between Asia and Europe, Tbilisi is characterized by the Soviet Union and Persia. You can visit venues such as Narikala Fortress dating from the fourth century and the ancient church of Trinity.

10. Udaipur, India

The 13 Ideal Places to Enjoy the Gorgeous Autumn - 10

The quiet mountain town of Udaipur is a paradise for travelers to explore. It is also considered to be the most romantic place in India. The town has many beautiful landscapes like Lake Pichola, temples and ancient fortress.

11. Huangshan, China


12. Western Cape, South Africa

13 Great Places to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn - 12

Western Cape Province in South Africa offers a variety of activities for travelers, from exploring to visiting the endless fields. September is also a time when you can enjoy the whale watching or enjoy a variety of local specialties.

13. Melbourne, Australia

13 Great Places to Enjoy Beautiful Autumn - 13

In September, Melbourne’s weather became cooler and less crowded. This is an ideal time to explore places like the Block Arcade shopping center or the Victoria Museum. By the end of September, the city will become vibrant with many blooming flowers.

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