Secrets of fun in Da Nang save for family


Family members will experience modern games, enjoy a variety of delicacies and participate in exciting activities during the summer.

Choose the right play venue, you and Have fun at Sun World Danang Wonder

The first place that should not be overlooked is the central park of Danang. Here, you have the opportunity to experience a series of games with enough feeling from gentle, romantic to “tossing top.”

Since April, the Paradise Fall airborne tornado from the country. Beautiful Switzerland, designed by the world’s leading experts have also officially operated. This will be one of the memorable experiences to challenge yourself to overcome yourself.

Entertainment for children in Da Nang family home
Many exciting games await visitors at In addition, the whole family will have the opportunity to experience the cuisine space “Four Seasons” from April 29 to June 30 with a variety of Asian, European cuisine. , the characteristics of the three regions. At the hands of the “chef witch” Master Chef Pham Tuan Hai, the dining space will bring guests unprecedented experiences.


A jubilant Lantern Festival will also take place on the Sun World Danang Wonder campus from May 20 to 27, 6. With the theme “Dream Childhood,” the Sun World spacecraft will take you on a journey of exploring distant fairy tales, comic books and fantasy films that are very close to children. Checked in at the miracle country, landed in Ura park, selfie with Iron Man, Batman … not only make the children love the tit but also those who passed the dream must also be soft hearted. [19659003] Gifts for tourists in Quang Nam, Da Nang

“Special gift” that tourists Da Nang, Quang Nam get this opportunity to offer fares for the family. From 15 April to 31 May, families traveling to Quang Nam, Da Nang to buy tickets to play at Sun World Danang Wonders will enjoy the maximum savings of up to 50% of normal fare, Only 180,000 VND for a family of 3, including 2 adults and 1 child up to 1.3 m.

Da Nang family fun for family
Ticket price offer for The families of Quang Nam, Da Nang.

The above discount applies to all major holidays such as Hung Kings death anniversary (25/4); Liberating the South (30/4); International labor 1/5 … and all days of the week, including Saturday and Sunday. Visitors are the people of Quang Nam, Da Nang just need to show the people when buying tickets to enjoy incentives.

Dine in the fireworks festival

Also in this summer, Da Nang will “treat “You the fireworks display brandy. In the 2 months of summer, this year’s fireworks festival will wove into Da Nang’s sky with stories of love, time, happiness, aspirations and friendship of the world famous land.

] Enjoying the beauty of Da Nang for family
Seeing the glorious fireworks is an experience visitors should not miss in Da Nang.

You will also be attending the bouquet of flowers The carnival of the streets to do the most with the music nonstop in the evening most of the weekend, on the main streets of Danang.

Click here Subscribe In addition, the beer festival B’estival with more than 1 million liters of gold beer, “German standard” beer on top of Ba Na Hills from 30/4 to 5/9 and other events will extend the name A list of favorite places you can join this summer when you come to the city of festivals.