Sam Son proves tourist excuse ‘being evicted from the hotel in the night’


On July 10th, Dam Thi Thai, Head of the Culture and Information Division of Sam Son district in Thanh Hoa, said that the city was sending officers to verify that the delegation responded by saying that the hotel owner Cat Dai Loi 1 forced to checkout at night because he did not order rice at the shelter.

“You do not call the hotline or ask the city authorities to intervene when the incident happens. But only online information, “she said, and said that although the city is still in the fight to protect the legitimate interests of visitors or establishments depending on the results of verification.

Le Hoang

Earlier on July 9, a tourist named Hai Dang posted an article on the social network. reflects vi c, last weekend, his family booked two rooms at Cat Dai Loi Hotel 1. The hotel owner asked the group to eat four meals from Thursday evening to Sunday morning, the delegation after negotiation agreed to book.

According to him, family get a 5/7 room and eat two meals at the hotel for more expensive than the outside. On the second day off, the family decided to go out to eat at the invitation of a friend. However, at the same time, the delegation received a phone call from the owner of the hotel, requesting to remove the items in the night for “daring to go out to eat.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy, owner of Cat Dai Loi 1 Hotel Denying the “hacking, pinching visitors”.

“Before the booking, we have clearly informed, guests agreed to rent it only,” she said, and said that contradiction occurs when the delegation does not comply with the agreement. “The food is good, the food is good and the chef is fresh, the food is always good, the seafood is good. China to refuse to eat rice, “said the owner of the facility.

According to Thuy, 16 delegates eat two dinner Thursday for $ 2 million and Friday lunch with prices over 1.2 “Such rates in the resort can not be said expensive,” she said Thuy and confirmed is ready to confront the delegation as well as the authorities to clarify the