Reviews Son Doong Cave TOP 1 World’s Largest Cave part 3


The wild and beautiful images of Son Doong cave taken by Jarryd Salem was posted CNN on 6/9.

“Beware of dinosaurs!” Was the way the cave explorer Howard Limbert reminded travel writer Jarryd Salem as he went deeper into the Son Doong cave. This is also the name given to the pit 1, where light can shine inward.

Recently, conquering Son Doong is one of the most fascinating expeditions to experience in Southeast Asia. According to CNN, the number of people admires the surreal beauty inside Son Doong is less than the number who have conquered Mount Everest.

Scenic wild and spectacular as stepping out from the prehistoric times of the Son Doong cave has led many explorers to joke that there are dinosaurs in the cave.

With a length of over 5 km, a height of nearly 200 m, Son Doong’s main cave is large enough to accommodate a New York City building.

The huge slits on the ceiling allow light to penetrate and help the plants grow right inside the cave.

Son Doong will be opened for visitors in 2013. At present, Oxalis is the only company permitted to operate the five-day Son Con tour.

The Tour of Son Doong is not for the faint of heart. After two days of forest crossing the river to reach the cave, guests will be camping overnight in Son Doong, close to Hang En.

A narrow passage connecting the two sides of Hang En – the third largest cave in the world, 120 meters high and 140 meters wide.

The “pearls” that are essentially limestone scattered throughout the cave floor. Largest stalagmites found within the Son Doong are even up to 80 meters high.

Not only set the rigorous requirements for visitors wanting to conquer Son Doong, each expedition also has 2 cave experts, 3 guides are indigenous people, 2 chefs, 2 people a ranger and 20 people to carry the camp.

Son Doong cave belongs to Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave complex (Quang Binh province), discovered by Ho Khanh in 1991. Hang is located in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province. So far, Son Doong is considered the largest natural cave ever discovered in the world.