Our opponents tonightThe Syrian players with strong kicking and pushing the bravery is the formidable opponent of Vietnam in the dark quarter-final.


However, few people think their homeland is beautiful and ancient to give up. Our rival tonight

First to mention Valley of The Tombs, Valley of the Tombs an ancient burial place where the Palmyrenes found a place to rest after death. The Palmyrenes are inhabitants of the ancient city Palmyra, ruled by the powerful and beautiful queen Zenobia. Situated right on the edge of the ancient city, tombs in various stages of conservation can be seen on both sides of the valley and can easily be explored by tourists. This is really a remarkable and spectacular destination.


Hypogeum is a burial ground underground. The Hypogeum of the Three Brothers is also located in the ancient Palmyra, in the Valley of the Tombs. The tomb is dated to about 100BC and has wonderful mural paintings - including portraits of the three brothers forever buried inside, among other artifacts. </p> <p><strong> Souq al-Hamidiyya [Ourrivaltonight-Syriahassuchapicturesquehometownhere-3

Souq al-Hamidiyya is an outdoor market at the entrance of Damascus Old Town. Guests can find everything from locally-produced mass-produced crafts sold here. The main promenade is displayed by larger stores, while small rocky alleys are filled with small shops. The street itself dates back to Roman times, but much of the surrounding architecture dates back to the 19th century.

Souq in Aleppo

Our rival tonight - Syria has a picturesque hometown. Here it is - 4

Souq in Aleppo, Syria, perhaps, one of the oldest shopping districts in the country. Although this is a flourishing market, there has not been much change since its inception in the 13th century. The outdoor market has retained many of its original senses because it is where local people remain. Buy everything from grocery stores to home appliances. The shop owners are very intimate and are invited to visit Souq for tea. Souq is one of the best ways to experience the “real” Syria.

Synagogue of the John the Baptist in Damascus

Our rival tonight - Syria has a picturesque hinterland like this - 5

The John the Baptist Synagogue in Damascus is an interesting place to visit in Syria, due to the sheer lore behind its origins. Local legend says that during the construction of the Umayyad mosque in the 8th century, a coffin was unearthed. Inside the coffin was the head of John the Baptist. Eventually they were forced to build a temple for John on this land, which is a green dome structure today. Although the authenticity of this story and the people in the temple are disputed, the temple remains a very popular destination for tourists.

Crac des Chevaliers

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Crac des Chevaliers is an ancient mansion on the outskirts of Homs, Syria. Architecture was built in 1031 along the only route from Antioch to Beirut as a military fortress. Because of its isolation position of about 700m above sea level, this is one of the very well protected mansions. Crac des Chevaliers never destroyed by opposition forces and today has become the best preserved mansion in the world.

Saladin Castle


Our rival tonight - Syria has hometown as pictured here - 8

Latakia, Syria is a tourist destination for tourists in Syria. This coastal city has all the history and impressive architecture of other parts of the country, but also offers many modern amenities that other areas can not. Because of its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Latakia is a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts and beautiful beaches.

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