Never For This If You Want To Lose Weight!


Be careful before going on a crash diet in a desperate effort to lose weight fast. Like most people you can lose weight initially, only to put the weight back on again.

Crash dieting amounts to starvation and when you drastically reduce your calorie intake your body's alarm bells go off. It will use less calories so that it can sustain itself and store the rest as fat to counteract starvation.

By lowering your calorie intake to unhealthy levels will also slow down your metabolism. You will lose more muscle than fat and this will cause you to burn fewer calories, which will also not help to accelerate your weight loss efforts.

Besides, these kind of diets are not sustainable and you will always have a craving for food. . Most people, after giving up such a diet, indulge in over eating straight after stopping their starvation diet and end up gaining a whole lot more weight than before.

Remember, your metabolism is at all time low and even if you don If you've been on a diet and want to to gain weight, you should change your diet. Start by eating right and doing the right kind of exercise to boost your metabolism. Weight training will help you to increase your muscle mass and decrease fat.

By eating more regularly you will speed up your metabolism and it will help your body to lose weight more quickly. are serious of losing weight permanently. Besides being unhealthy, it will be more harmless than the long term.