Men admit better restaurants if waiters are pretty


PhDs from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University of Canada have conducted a study on the psychology of diners at restaurants. The results were published in Journals of Retailing in early June.

Of the 603 test participants, men tended to rate the restaurant more aggressively. If the item is taken from a makeup girl, drop her hair. On the contrary, they will evaluate the more negative about food if the waiter is a girl with skin acne, puffiness, teeth stains, high bucks.

If the waitress has beauty, the men will see the orange juice sweeter. Satisfaction will be reduced if waiters are less sharp.

While men acknowledge that the level of service attractiveness is more important than the enjoyment of a meal, women who participate in the test do not factor in This dominates. The beautiful table or bad boys do not change the taste of women. They are interested in the location and space of the restaurant.

“Through research, we have discovered a new phenomenon: the attractive physical form affects the perception of taste, If the wait staff is easy to see, good food tastes better, but the taste of bad food is worse, “the group said. The research that verifies this conclusion, many restaurants now recruit attractive appearance to attract visitors. However, this business may be a double-edged sword because restaurants may be criticized, especially in Asian countries.

Hot pot restaurant in China with a staff of long legs, bikini picking food for guests. Video: YouTube.