Lions flocked, visitors to hide in the park Belgium


The incident occurred around 9:45 am local time, June 21, at Planckendael Zoo, Brussels, Belgium. The zoo employees requested evacuation as soon as the lion was spotted, according to Mirror .

40 guests hid in a souvenir shop while the students were visiting. asked to sit still on the bus. Song a teacher revealed "not easy to keep calm for the children", According to Mirror .

Caitlin Cant, a visitor, reply VTM News : "We just came here and immediately had to go to the souvenir shop.A few friends were in the car outside the parking lot.One of our friends had to come back home while we were receiving water from the staff. "Data-component-type =" image-flip "data-component-front =" https: // i-dulich .documentation-data-component-back = " BREAKING-Planckendael-Zoo-evac-4307-3666-1529642222.jpg "data-component-caption =" "

n t u003e'd in the u003e u00l car oto car. A couple from Antwerp, Belgium to the zoo, said they initially thought this was a "game." joking "and did not feel danger during the incident.

The lion roars around the park for more than an hour, but the zoo claims it does not threaten anyone. By can not be controlled when shooting the sedative twice, the staff forced shot dead lion.

To noon the same day, the zoo open normally.

In early June, a bear was shot dead when he escaped from a German zoo in a storm.