Leaning Tower of Pisa – accidental fame


On a sunny day in March, after an hour on the train departing from the neighboring city of Florence, I met the famous leaning tower of Pisa

. What’s strange is that with the name Pisa – leaning tower is a UNESCO World Heritage property, I even bet that people have at least once seen the image of the tower somewhere in books or movies. Well known, but before I still wonder what causes the tower so strange structure. The curiosity of why the tower leaned on me prompted me to take a train to visit this beautiful land as soon as I get the chance.

Pisa resort Pisa sui satellite
Close-up of leaning tower of Pisa

When we reached Pizza del Miracoli Square, where the leaning tower of Pisa was located, all I could do was say, “Oh, beautiful!” . Not only myself, but my fellow travelers and visitors too, all of them admire the beauty of the buildings on this beautiful campus.

Most people focus their attention on The strange tower that no one notice that the tower is just one of the four works on the same Piazza del Miracoli include churches, baptisms, cemeteries and bell towers. You would be surprised by the fact that the tower of Pisa was built to make a church bell tower. Look, the little bell tower has brought fame to the land of Pisa as well as the country of Italy as well!

Pisa downgrade is so cool
Actually leaning tower of Pisa It was built for the purpose of making the bell tower for the church of Santa Maria Assunta …

The leaning tower is due to … calculations are not careful!

The story of the leaning tower of Pisa began in 1173, when it began to be built. Five years later, the new bell tower completed three of the eight floors as the manuscript, however, at this point the tower began to tilt toward the north. Until the completion of the eight-story tower with many unsuccessful rescue efforts, each year through the tower leaning a bit more. In 1990, the inclination was up to 5.5 degrees, the difference in plane between the top of the tower and the foot of the tower was 4.6 meters. But do not be afraid the tower will collapse, because in 2008 another effort helped the tower to be 48 centimeters taller than before and also the first time the tower stopped moving for 800 years. In addition, experts estimate the leaning tower of Pisa will be stable for at least another 200 years, so visiting the leaning tower at this time is extremely safe.

It is characterized by the topography of the city of Pisa, which is home to soft soil with the main components of clay, sand and mud. In addition, the inaccurate calculations of the architects were also responsible for the striking appearance of the tower today.

The Pisa Crisis

In Italy there is a strange rumor: If you are a student and climb all 274 steps to reach the top of the tower of Pisa, you will … having difficulty in graduation! It was not related, but with the psychological “there are sacred, there is no healing”, I decided to just look at Pisa from outside, although unfortunately the opportunity to the top of the tower to see the whole city.

The famous Piazza del Miracoli Square is considered to be an extremely important religious center. This is why the works here are extremely special: they symbolize the main stages of every human life. The Baptistery symbolizes the birth, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta of the meaning of life, and the cemetery (Camposanto) of course represent death. The interior and exterior of these buildings are also extremely special and beautiful, making you sure to be adamant.

Pisa ruins.
Baptism in Quang

Because of the same construction on soft ground, if you notice that the church and the baptism are not straight. However, the two buildings are built on a large area so it can not be tilted to the side like the tower of Pisa, so can not be famous by the leaning tower.