#Justgo: discover Annecy – "Venice of France"

Annecy occupies the heart of visitors by the canal flowing along the town, the lakes of Annecy blue, the color houses decorated with fresh flowers and grilled cheese Raclette. Paris 500 km southeast, Annecy is a beautiful town surrounded by Lake Annecy and the Alps. In particular, Annecy has a flowing canal and colorful houses. This is why this place is called “Venice of France”. [JourneythroughAnnecy-“Venice cua nuoc Phap” ” />Cycling around Lake, visit the bridge. love or eat cheese with cold meats and fruits in Annecy to give visitors a romantic, peaceful and sweet experience.

Cycling around Lake Annecy

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The picturesque nature of Annecy. The beauty of Lake Annecy with the snow-covered Alps surrounds the clear blue lake as a dream. You’ll even have to rub your eyes a few times to believe that this beauty is real.

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Cycling around Lake Annecy is an activity that many people choose when they come here.

You can rent a bike and spend time walking around the lake. It would be ideal to bring a cloth, basket of jams and drinks to a picnic on a green lawn, or take a nap after a bike ride.

Boat trip along Lake Annecy

This place is famous for its clear blue water jutting between the majestic Alps. Renting a boat on a lake or buying a canoe ticket to go around the lake will give you the best feeling of the majestic beauty and romance of nature.

On motor boats, the tour guide will introduce the history, features and places around Lake Annecy.

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Chefs of the cheese certainly can not ignore Raclette and Fondue. Because of the location adjacent to Switzerland, Raclette, with its raw ingredients from hard cheese made from cow’s milk, is a characteristic feature of Annecy cuisine. The chef cooks the whole of the cheese cake, then uses a hot cheesecake knife on a plate of cold meats, breads, potatoes and cucumbers.

Additionally, Guests can also experience the Fondue cheese hotpot, with the heated cheese in a porcelain pot. Hot dip galley, sausage, bread to fruit such as strawberries, apples and grapes.

Stroll through the canals.

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Any corner in Annecy also creates romantic pictures. Dubbed the “Venice of the Alps,” the canal flows through the town as it extends the paved stone, adorning the canal side of the canal as the painted house. pastel is decorated with countless fresh flowers.

These beautiful features will make you love the little town of Annecy more than ever. Stop at the bakery to buy a croissant croissant, or sit down at a street café in the evening to make you love the little town of France more than ever.

“Kiss” On the bridge of Pont des Amours

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Annecy in the space filled with green leaves of the same color race on the canal side of the canal

. The two lovers go to Pont des Amours in Annecy and kiss passionately, they will be together forever. However, if you are still single, do not ignore this famous place.