Hainan's most popular chicken dish is Singapore


Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore is one of the 50 best food in the world according to CNN voted 2011. Singapore tourism you already know which address can enjoy this delicious food?

Good food at a reasonable price is the main reason, making Hainanese chicken rice one of the great options for daily meals, local people and visitors. You can find this dish anywhere in the Singaporean island, from street vendors to restaurants.

Below you will find the 5 most popular dishes of Singaporean chicken that you may be interested in.
Tian Tian – excellent price of rice

Highlights of Tian Tian chicken rice is the main rice delicious aromatic rice. Although it is simple, it is one of two main parts of this dish and contributes to the quality of the meal. Tian Tian's rice is not only cooked from delicious rice, but also cooked with chicken broth, before seasoning with the necessary spices, for the Hainanese chicken rice dish to the right.

chicken rice cost $ 3.5 Sing

One part chicken rice cost 3.5 dollars Sing

At this restaurant, a piece of chicken rice with a bowl of broth cost only $ 3.5 Sing. Basically, this is the popular price on lion island. But the quality of it you can not be anywhere. Those who have come here to enjoy also agree that this price is too cheap for a meal of such quality!
In Singapore for lunch or dinner, it's not hard to find a good chicken, but if it's late at night you can only think of Boon Tong Kee. Tong Kee. Open from noon to 4:30 am the next morning, Boon Tong Kee is where you can have delicious chicken rice at any time of day or night.

 Hainan chicken rice dish with the best sauce. In addition, for those who want to enjoy a plate of delicious chicken rice but can not withstand the heat of Singapore, Boon Tong Kee is one. Ideal choice. Because this place is not only open air throughout the day but also very clean, cool and comfortable. In addition, the restaurant also has a variety of Chinese delicacies serving customers. <br /> Wee Nam Kee </span><br /> </h3> <p> To have a perfect Hainan chicken rice can not lack the perfect sauce. The main ingredients are chilli sauce, ginger and black soy sauce. Each restaurant has a different blend of different flavors to give the diners different flavors. </p> <p> And Wee Nam Kee Restaurant is the most famous address in Singapore with Hainanese Chicken Rice, which is considered the best sauce. The sauce of this restaurant is a mixture of spicy chili, yellow paste and silky ginger, with black sauce sauce. </p> <div style=Boon Tong Kee - Chicken rice overnight

Hainan chicken rice water

Not only that, Wee Nam Kee also gives customers a plate of chicken special Hainan chicken with chicken pieces including steamed white chicken and yellow roasted chicken Nursery. Grilled chicken at this restaurant is specially prepared to give customers a strange and delicious taste difficult to resist.
Loy Kee is the best chicken rice shop in Singapore. A portion of chicken rice here gives the diner a perfectly balanced meal with plenty of rice, chicken, soup and green vegetables.

All of them are served in a specially designed wooden tray to present the meal. One portion of chicken rice here is enough for one adult to eat full.

Another plus for this restaurant is the chicken rice ready to serve you even in the morning. You may have to write down the name of the restaurant to make sure you do not miss the chance to enjoy the finest Hainanese chicken rice here.
Located on the 5th floor of Mandarin Orchard, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Orchard, Chatterbox offers diners not only Hainanese Chicken Rice, but also Chatterbox. It also has many options for a fine dining experience with local specialties. A place where foreigners can come to enjoy a traditional meal in a luxurious and polite space.

Hainan Chatterbox Chicken Rice

Hainan Chatterbox Chicken Rice

For wine lovers, a wine list of white wines and red wines is enough for you to choose from. Even if you like any other drink, the hotel bar is also ready to serve, giving you the best meal possible in the island.