Ha Long welcome the opportunity to become ‘champion’ travel Vietnam


Quang Ninh travel to high-end tourists

In 2017, Quang Ninh for the first time surpassed Da Nang, won the top position in terms of competitiveness, quality of economic governance provinces and cities of Vietnam (PCI). Economic growth in the first 6 months of 2018 in Quang Ninh is also the top in the country (10.16%). Accordingly, the economic activity in the field continued to have positive changes, especially the strong development of the service sector (up 13.4%), highlighting the contribution of tourism.

Quang Ninh is the destination of leading economic groups such as Sun Group, Vingroup … Large enterprises have seen the development of Quang Ninh on the map of Vietnam. A number of transport infrastructure projects have been completed.

However, the number of days of visitors, especially international visitors here, although tended to increase but still low, average 1 , 93 days per guest. It is a land of wonders but Ha Long has not attracted high-class tourists. Spending is low. In particular, the average cost of international visitors staying overnight in Ha Long is only $ 102.3.


Boutique Shophouse is located at the heart of the project Sun Premier Village Village Ha Long Therefore, in order to have a higher position on the tourism map of Vietnam, Quang Ninh in general, Ha Long city in particular still has many things to do, to address the shortage of accommodation. , points of interest and improved synchronized infrastructure.

Where is the problem of investment efficiency?

To further improve the efficiency of the smoke-free industry, Quang Ninh is Efforts to from now until the end of 2018, a series of important infrastructure systems in the area will be put into operation as: Van Don International Airport, road Hai Phong – Ha Long Expressway;


Commercial villas in Bai Chay are attractive to many investors.

Next time, the tourism industry continues to expand the points. high quality accommodation such as operating a mini hotel system 3-5 stars, modern business streets, crowded to attract tourists to spend, shopping.

Accordingly, the guest model Mini hotel with full standard facilities in the combination of real estate tourism, entertainment advantage compared to traditional hotels. Boutique Shophouse is located in the Sun Premier Village populations Ha Long Bay is an optimal mining solution that advantage.

With a beautiful location, adjacent to Ha Long Road – a lively trade route, near the entertainment complex the famous Sun World Halong Complex, the modern Sun Carnival Plaza … Boutique Shophouse offers easy access to the diverse needs of leisure, shopping and lodging.

According to Sun Group, The building has 3 floors, 12 m high, 3.5 to 5 floors, total construction area up to 920 m2 with many advantages. The last 50 apartments.

This area targets large brands to invest in the missing goods in Ha Long. There are 3 to 5 star luxury hotels, barbeque chains, brewers’ clubs, or cosmopolitan coffee brands … Flexible use on multiple floors, shophouses Also suitable for spa, spa due to the need of private space on many floors.


This is the ideal business premises, suitable to the actual needs of Ha Long

] This kind of multi-purpose property is also missing in Ha Long when the number of tourists to this increasingly large, demand for high-quality services of Ha Long people increased rapidly.

According to the investor, if you buy 2-3 shophouse, investors will have to dig through, renovate the pepper. It costs a lot of money, and it’s hard to find good matches next door. But Boutique Shophouse has wide expanses, delicate design, optimized functions, located in Bai Chay tourist center. Investors are also granted a permanent ownership certificate.

Kim Ngan