Guests canceled the room in June because she lost power grid


On June 25, the power company Quang Ninh said the repair of the submarine cables are experiencing an incident that lasts until the end of June. Loss of power along with dehydration makes many tourists confused and confused. Cancellation, tour cancellation.

Mr. Vu Thanh Minh, homestay owner Coto Eco Lodge said about 30-40% of guests booked in June canceled or transferred. Major cancellations occurred with a small number of older adults and young children.

Island day off grid still bright lights are not different from the ordinary days. Photo by Nguyen Van Cuong.

Island day off grid still lights are no different from normal days. At Duy Hoang guesthouse, 15 guest rooms have been booked and are also required to be moved to July. "Even some guest houses, homestay guests cancel when heard of Co To lose. electricity, "said Nguyen Van Cuong, travel business on the island.

On the weekend, Co To welcome from 10,000 to 15,000 visitors per day. However, due to the incident, the number of tourists on the island last week was only about 5,000, according to the Co To District People's Committee.

Living more than 10 years on the island, Mr. Minh said Due to natural disasters in Co To every year but this time lasting, right peak tourist season so the activities on the island more or less affected. However, after a few days of turmoil, the life in Co To is almost back to normal.

"Before 2012, without electricity, we Only the transmitter power, and only certain hours of the day, so when this problem occurs, we do not take much time to adapt. In the past few years, when the tourism business has been improved, we have better investment in generators for the whole family and visitors, "said Nguyen Van Trung, 19659002] Currently homestay homes are equipped with small and medium generators, enough lighting and use of household appliances. While the hotels and motels have backup generators and water tanks, they are capable of providing enough electricity and water for 20-24 hours a day for travelers like Tuan Vu, Thai So, Coto Group, Coto Village, homestay Haki …

The restaurant in Co To still lights in the days of island off grid. Photo: Nguyen Van Cuong.

Restaurants in Co To still lights in the days of the island lost power grid.

Most accommodation establishments do not charge extra when running generators. Only some few places have many devices consuming electricity, the surcharge of 150,000 to 200,000 per room for electricity generators over 5 hours. The motels also said that they were actively informing guests about the long power outages on the island and the ability to provide electricity and water facilities, so that guests have the psychological preparation for the trip. his calendar. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, a tourist from Hanoi, said: "Despite being warned about the long power outage in Co To, my friends and I still decided to go. schedule as scheduled. When coming to the island, I am quite surprised because the price here is still stable, although the restaurant runs continuously, cold stone must buy from Van Don moved out. "

Before that, back over 13h on 18 / In the thunderstorm, a thunderstorm hit a 22KV transmission line that supplied power to Co To District and five communes in Van Don District, resulting in a total power outage. At about 7h on 19/6, 5 communes in Van Don district have restored power supply again. Particularly at Co To, due to incidents occurring under the cable under the sea, the repair and repair of many difficulties. Quang Ninh Power Company must divers and cable transporters to trouble area to detect and replace broken cable.

Dao Trang – Vy An

From 24/6, due to sea, 5-6 seismic gusts, Quang Ninh Inland Waterway Port has temporarily stopped passenger ships passing Van Don and Co To (Quang Ninh). Mr. Tran Nhu Long, Chairman of Co To island district said that about 5,000 tourists can not land. Expected June 26 favorable weather port will issue orders to leave for the ship.