Foreigners harass Russian women at the World Cup


Some fans have spread video on social networks, recording Brazilian men approaching Russian women, tricking them into repeating profane in Portuguese (language Official in Brazil), according to Xinhua June 20. In the video also appeared a Russian girl, surrounded by a group of fans shouting offensive words that she did not understand.

Foreign tourists harassed Russian women in the World Cup

Russian girls harassed by the World Cup Speaking to this action, Brazil Tourism Minister Vinicius Lummertz said: “Sexual discrimination and women’s hatred are ideas that can not be Acceptable in all circumstances, especially at an event like the World Cup. ” He also denied rumors that men appearing in the video were government employees, paid to travel to Russia.

According to preliminary reports, three of the Brazilian men In the video was identified as a former tourism officer of a small town, a police officer and a lawyer.

The Brazilian embassy in Russia also received several reports and messages of grievances. the shameful act of the country fans. The Russian government has not made any official allegations against the Brazilian men involved.

Recently, Julieth Gonzalez Theran, a German television reporter DW, was forced to kiss even when recording live. Theron said, “To me, this is a single incident, and there are always fans praising and treating you respectfully, but this time it has gone too far.

Rude act of the fans. Video: DW Espanol.