Discover Things To Do In Frankenmuth, Michigan


Frankenmuth, a Bavarian themed town, is unlike any other city in Michigan. It feels like stepping back in time when things were simpler, perhaps a little more peaceful. It's a place where families can enjoy quality time together while forgetting the outside world. I enjoy visiting Frankenmuth throughout the year, not just in the summer.

About this square mile, this quaint town offers visitors a taste of of course, dining on delicious famous chicken.

Speaking of chicken, it is impossible to talk about Frankenmuth without mentioning its world-famous chicken! Zehnder's and the Bavarian Inn are owned by brothers, Mr. William Zehnder and Mr. Edwin Zehnder. The restaurants are located on the street from each other with both offering all-you-can-eat chicken dinners with all the trimmings in a beautiful Bavarian themed atmosphere. The Bavarian Belle Riverboat is another Frankenmuth favorite. For just a few dollars (cash only), you can sit back and relax as the river boat captain guides the beautiful covered boat down the Cass River. As a bonus, the Bavarian Belle is a family owned and operated business. As such, the father and sons operation strives to offer you the best possible experience with every trip down the river. Oh, and they pop delicious popcorn for each trip down the river!

As you take in the sights, the river boat captain will point out the wildlife along the shore, sneak in witty jokes and share informative history about the area. Wandering along Main Street is a feast for the eyes and stomach. . Frankenmuth Cheese Haus attracts young and old visitors for a great wedge of bright yellow cheese with a mouse popping its head out at the top. Handmade candy, sausage and chocolate shops with large open windows draws in curious visitors. Do not miss the Hidden Castle Shops located on the lower level of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

South of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant toward the east is the nostalgic Covered Bridge. Vehicles and pedestrians alike cross this bridge with safe walled pedestrian walkways on either side of the bridge. Be sure to walk on both sides of the bridge to enjoy the scenic view of the Heritage Park and the beautiful downtown area. It's especially exiting the bridge as the Bavarian Belle glides below.

Lastly, the River Place Shops located at the south end of Main Street offers culinary delights like SugarHigh Bakery that won Cup Cake Wars in Season 7, The Popcorn Wagon for 40 flavors of yummy popcorn and La Crepe du Jour for sweet and savory handmade crepes. River Place Shops contain oodles of family owned businesses catered to our buds, beloved pets and children. Clothing stores, wineries, distillery and leather goods are sure to delight shoppers of all ages. Not to mention a small river meanders through the shopping area.

In closing, Frankenmuth contains more than meets the eye. Take the day or the weekend to explore this rich city with history and charm. Frequent festivals and events will bring you to Frankenmuth time and time again. You will be amazed with the hidden gems you discover during each visit!