Ba Vi National Park: summer day destination


From the foot of Mount Ba Vi, to reach the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1269, we cross 15 km of winding forest road with different levels of nature. Standing on the top of the mountain, we can see the panorama of Da Giang and the whole city of Hanoi with all the majesty of nature.

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New guard tower on Ba Vi mountain was built and inaugurated

During the French colonial period, the French chose Mount Ba Vi as the ideal sanctuary for French officers. The reason chosen by the French is that there is always a cool climate throughout the four seasons, rich vegetation, scenic beauty. Resting on Ba Vi Mountain, we will feel the health and a relaxed mind. Many resorts have been built by the French, such as guesthouses, recreation areas, churches, orphanages, summer camps, youth camps, military bases …

is a place for worshiping the Holy Virgin, President Ho Chi Minh and Princess Ngoc Hoa.

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Temple is also called the main power, the place where the Holy Virgin, is recognized by the State as a national historical and cultural monuments. The ancient temple was built from the An Duong Vuong period, located under a mountain at a height of 1227m. This is a unique architectural work, a roof of the roof tiles tilting at the entrance of the cave, the roof behind under the large stone into the temple can be strong, deep.

Temple of President Ho Chi Minh was built and completed 1999 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his death. The temple was built on the top of the highest mountain of the legendary Ba Vi mountain range (1296m).

 Ba Vi National Park: summer day destination, day news, ba vi, a corner of the mountain, , where captives of revolutionary soldiers </p> <p> Ngoc Hoa Cave lies under a cliff standing up for thousands of years. Due to the slippage of geology has formed an amazing landscape with large rocks are arranged neatly, solid, creating a natural amateur. For many years, the local people have built and embellished this place to worship Ngoc Hoa Princess. </p> <p> Besides, many buildings and landscapes need to be explored and researched as human prison The French built on the top of the mountain to imprison the revolutionary revolutionaries, summer camps, ancient cypress trees, … will help each person understand more about nature, history as well as myths, … </p> </p></div><p><script>(function (d, s, id){
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