Artistic literature is the spiritual foundation of society


This is the confirmation of Mr. Tran Duc Dien – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council at the meeting to review 10 years of implementing Resolution No. 23-NQ / TW dated 16/6/2008 of Ministry of Politics (Xth session) on “Continue to build and develop literature and art in the new era.”

Artistic literature is the spiritual foundation of society - photo 1 After 10 year of durable construction and development, VHNT has created conditions for the mass movement.

As soon as Resolution No 23-NQ / TW of the Politburo (term X) “on continuing to build and develop literature and art in the new era” ; Lam Dong provincial authorities and authorities have timely and concretized the implementation. From there, the districts, city committees and the Party committees directly under the Provincial Party Committee have the foundation to put the contents of literature and art into the programs and plans for economic and social development of the locality. In addition, the training and development of artists and artists has been paid special attention by the provincial Party Committee of Lam Dong, and regularly instructed the Lam Dong Literature and Arts Association to focus on training, admitting members. children, ethnic minorities (DTTS) …

In 1987, at the beginning of the establishment, the Association of Arts and Culture only a few dozen artists, so far Lam Dong Arts and Cultural Association has built a team a strong artist with 273 members. Over the past 10 years, the Association has organized 71 production camps, practical tours in and outside the province, attracting more than 1,400 participants, creating more than 4,000 works (literature, poetry, music, photography, photography …) reflects true and vivid social life. Mr. Ha Huu Net – Vice President of Lam Dong Arts and Cultural Association affirmed: Lam Dong artists’ artists have clearly shown their role as “bridge” between the Party and the State and the people; Promoting the role of social counterintelligence to create works of great value praising and protecting the good and humanity; At the same time, criticism, struggle to remove the bad, the evil, especially the distortion, the reaction of the hostile forces to take advantage of popular culture to cause panic in social life. Thereby, orienting the aesthetic values, humanities, reflecting, encouraging and encouraging the people to well implement the lines and policies of the Party, the State and the cause of socio-economic development of the localities. .

Especially, after ten years of persistent efforts, the implementation of the content of the Resolution has created favorable conditions for the popular culture movement to develop in most communes, wards and townships. Village, village, street population. The province has 818 mass entertainment groups participating in the contest, the show is quite exciting to serve the people and tourists; There are 16 gongs (groups) of gongs regularly organizing performances to meet the needs of visitors in Lac Duong, Da Huoai, Duc Trong, Bao Loc, Da Lat. Festivals and exhibitions have contributed to enhancing the exchanges and learning between localities and units, step by step raising the quality of cultural and mass culture activities, contributing to the building of cultural life. This is a great opportunity for local people to participate in the project.

“Cultural activities in Lam Dong have seen new and more diversified development steps. to improve the cultural and spiritual life and the need for creativity and enjoyment of the art of the people “- Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee affirmed.

At the 10-year review conference on the implementation of Resolution 23, Nguyen Thi Nguyen, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Provinces in the management of culture said that: There should be straightforward recognition, in the management of the countryside in the field of culture and arts in the province is still limited. The level of interest in this area in some localities is not correct. Investment funding for the field of culture and arts is not commensurate. The socialization of cultural activities is still limited. Differences in the level of cultural enjoyment between regions are still distinct. The coordination among the concerned units in the implementation of the Resolution is still limited …

Mr. Tran Cong Chanh – Deputy Secretary of Luoyang District Party Committee added: Lam Dong in general and Luoyang said In particular, there are many ethnic groups living. The combination, this combination has made many localities in Lam Dong have a rich cultural, literary and folk art treasures, rich and colorful identity. However, ethnic minority artists, as well as artist artists exploited the subject of ethnic culture is limited. The development of culture and art has encountered many difficulties, especially in ethnic minority areas, remote areas …

Many difficulties are set to continue to promote the role, high mission Quarter of the Culture and Arts and the artist’s team, facilitating the development of culture and technology commensurate with the requirements and tasks of the revolution in the new period. In the next time, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Committee of the Party, Tran Duc District, pointed out: It is necessary to raise the responsibility of the Party Committee, authorities, mass organizations and artists. to create strong changes in the performance of the task of developing culture and technology. Agencies need to advise on the promulgation of mechanisms and policies suitable to local conditions in order to create favorable conditions for cultural and rural activities. Promote socialization in the construction of cultural works, cultural institutions for the development of rural culture and art. State agencies in charge of culture and information, media agencies should cooperate closely with the Association of Handicrafts to promote quality products, contributing to aesthetic orientation for the masses. The provincial Department of Culture and Information concentrates on raising the quality of activities and the role of the Association, attaching importance to the development of young members, ethnic minority members and members who are strong in research, theory and criticism.

VHNT is considered as the spiritual foundation of the society, so it needs more sharp and humane products, contributing to enriching the cultural and spiritual life for ethnic people in the province. , strengthening the great national unity bloc, contributing to the successful implementation of the objectives of development tasks of the local. According to Lam Dong