An unforgettable experience in Pattaya paradise


Blue sea water, fresh air, more pleasant weather makes you more comfortable when immersed in Pattaya. Going to Pattaya you will be fascinated by the beauty of Koh Larn when covered by the jungle.


Not only If you come to Pattaya, you should visit some unique places. It is a magnificent view of the magnificent Baan Sukhawadee.

Pattaya's most famous landmark The illustrated house of happiness, simulated According to the Palace of Versailles of France which is a new and attractive attractions in Pattaya that visitors once. Being a harmonious and unique architectural complex that brings deep spiritual and spiritual philosophy, Baan Sukhawadee leaves a deep impression on you with its richly landscaped gardens on the shores of the sea. If you love the gourmet island, then you will find it in the 3D Painting Museum. Here you can draw eyebrows on the Mona Lisa or by balancing a precarious overfly, crossed a dangerous canyon. Everything has become extremely alive through the hands of talented 3D artists. Do not miss Pattaya Elephant Village. Here the four-legged “rangers” welcome you to visit and learn about your life. You can take pictures with the elephants, give them some bananas, feed baby elephants and especially take part in an exciting trip on the back of these “four-legged” athlete.