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Hue is located in the central region of Vietnam. The climate in Hue is divided into two distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season.

– Dry season in Hue lasts from March to August with hot and sunny weather. There are times when temperatures reach a peak of 38-40 degrees Celsius.

– The rainy season in Hue lasts from August to January next year. In the rainy season there are heavy rains, sometimes accompanied by storms. Temperatures in the rainy season are quite erratic, when it is cool, the average comfort is 20 degrees C but sometimes down to 9 degrees C.

You should go to Hue in the autumn is the most beautiful. Autumn Hue lasts through July, August, September. In these months, cool weather will be convenient for visitors to go out, visit and travel across the street between the tourist sites. With the beautiful weather of the season, there will definitely be an interesting trip, interesting and many memories with Hue dream city.

In addition, if there is no chance to visit Hue in the fall should Arrive in Hue on the occasion of the Hue Festival, usually held in April. On this occasion there will be many festive activities, entertainment will definitely make people have an extremely enjoyable experience.

How to get to Hue?

 I have been to Hue in the past. </strong></p> <p align= There are three ways to get to Hue is to take a train, go to bed and airplane. 3 times and experience the different ways to move from Hanoi to Hue, each way has its own interesting. You can search for car manufacturers such as Hung Thanh, Hoang Long and ships on the website of Vietnam Airlines or book flights of Vietjet, Vietnam airline ... </p> <p> <strong> Where to Hue? If your economy is tight, you can stay homestay for 200-500 / 1 person / night such as Shmily homestay, Vu homestay, Dinh's house … </p> <p> Because Hue ecolodge is far from the center, the distance of nearly 10km, so first day in Dinh's House price of homestay from 360k or more for room 2 people. Depending on what room you want. Old, rustic, tranquil Hue style house, located on quiet Nguyen Chi Thanh street. If there are conditions and really come to the resort, feel the taste of Hue then vote for Hue ecolodge, Hue Riverside, … If the You want a place to relax, drop into the soul, living between the garden style of the South in the years before 1945 then go to Hue ecolodge, his place in this house. </p> <p align= Who about Hue dream And delicious food in Hue? </strong></p> <p align=Who to Hue dream dreams - 6

A long list for you:

– Quang noodle: at the intersection Nguyen Thai Hoc vs Ba Trieu. Price: 15-20k / bowl

– Hot roll cake: there are 3 places, Le Hong Phong Street (wait a long but delicious), near the end of Nguyen Khuyen on the left hand side, at the intersection Nguyen Thai Hoc – Throughout Le Quy Don (30k / piece), through TUAN in Bach Dang (downhill about 200m on the right, the price is 20k / section). In Dinh Cong Trang (north side – near the intersection with Le Thanh Ton, 20k-30k / section).

– Fish noodles: fish noodles A Yes (cs1: at the beginning of Nguyen Khuyen street, bus 2: in front of Doi Cung street in the south) 20k / bowl

– Bun noodles: crossroads of Dong Da – Ly Thuong Kiet street … (beside the red lamp)

– Bun Hue Beef: Go through Nguyen Cong Tru Street (Tuyet noodle soup at 47 Nguyen Cong Tru, Ngu Nguyet Toan in the middle of the Ngu road. Tuan restaurant in Bach Dang outside the corner is also delicious noodles, many places … (vermicelli is about 25-30k)

– vermicelli custard: THUY (14 Nguyen Hue – 13k / bowl)

– Custard rolls in front of Lien Hoa – 03 Le Quy Don (located at Le Quy Don crossroads and Ton Duc Thang crossroads) ) from 6h – 7h30 am, password is "O Mai ơi!

– Desserts: 7-color jelly in Nguyen Thien Thuat (midway), yogurt in Nguyen Bieu, yoghurt yogurt in Nguyen Hue street (in front of Medical University) Tran Quang Khai (not to market), Hung Vuong alley …

– A few places to gather breakfast: right at the intersection of Le Thanh Ton – Han Thuyen (delicious enough – especially cake …). Another place is in front of Dong Da apartment (also quite good)

– Canh Namo filter: in Truong Dinh street (after 4pm), Truong Chinh street (run 1 After a long walk through the first bridge, there is a place to sell, here are filtered beef noodles, beef noodles, rice noodles, vermicelli noodles v .. v … sold after 4 pm), a delicious place It's still at Yet Kieu Street ( Le Duan crab in the left look right) …

– Vermicelli noodles – Nem Leaf: at Dong Ba market (15k / piece, spring nem 6k / skew), in Truong Chinh street above, HUYEN ANH on Kim Long) …

– Tea: Chi Lang tea, tea for fun, tea in Mai Thuc Loan (cheap) – Bun Bun: in Han Mac Tu, down under alcohol –

– Baked rice noodle: Nguyen Du .. (here is also mixed rice cake), at 92 Hoang Dieu street (Baked rice cake) …

– Prawn noodle: Truong Chinh street or go to the door of the duck to finish the left crab and go straight out is – here is quite good + 15k-20k price), bean noodle soup in Mai Thuc Loan (172 Mai Thuc Loan). Nem Chua Rung Khang: No. 7 Kiet 130 Dang Thai Than (gathering many snacks – here There are also glutinous rice yogurt)

– Ho Tay shrimp cake: also quite delicious, 29 Le Hong Phong (1 plate 10k, 4)

– cake flour soup: to eat is good because – On the street: Tran Quang Khai (near the market but not to the market – 10k / delicious – sell from 2 pm)

– Vinaigrette: right at the right side of Gia Hoi bridge (15k / bowl)

– Crab soup: Pham Hong Thai. (20k / bowl)

-Bun noodle with baby sauce + filter cake (14 Nguyen Hue) (10k / disk)

Many, including tomorrow not exhausted. My experience when eating is not to be famous. Seeing as many people are "tucked" into eating the default delicious.

Who in Hue dream - 7

– Dai Noi (ticket prices listed 150k / person should accompany the tombs to get cheaper): Imperial inner city Hue is the first place to visit when traveling Hue. After more than 100 years, the massive architecture in the Citadel is only less than half of the original figure, but still carry the majestic majesty of a feudal one. Dai Noi is quite large, the tour also takes almost half a day to a day that.

– The mausoleum: Travel Hue can not afford not to see the ancient monuments this glory right? To The tombs of the kings in Hue have their own characteristics and interesting historical stories. However, the mausoleums are far apart and are not located in the center of the city. The average distance of 10km to rent a motorcycle or taxi, grab to visit the mausoleums such as Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb. Cats evaluate the most beautiful tomb of Khai Dinh in all the mausoleums. Worth the fare (Average 100k / 1 tat / 1 person, travel with 3 or 4 cheaper than hihi, hihi)

Also you can visit the following highlights:

-Thanh Thien Temple

-Thanh Thien Temple

-Chua Thien Temple – Lang Co Beach, Thuan An Beach, Canh Duong Beach

Lap An Lagoon, Cau Hai Lagoon, Suoi Voi , Lake Truoi ….

In general, Hue with her always beautiful, always loving, Hue lovely people. Hue beautiful scenery, lake, river, mountains, sea. Beautiful scene, great food. So bring up the baolo and go to the young people.

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