Admire the Dragon Eye island – mysterious eye on Halong Bay


Halong Bay is a complex of magnificent islands, is the result of thousands of years of geological formations. Each island here is likened to a dragon ball that heaven given to men. However, there is an island still retain wild features, containing many interesting things that few people know about. It’s Dragon’s Eye Island. 

Dragon Eyes are “poached” by unspoiled beauty, natural

Located in the south of Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh), adjacent to the region Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba, Hai Phong), Island Dragon Eye longer known by the name: Hon Bai East. The island is extremely attractive to young people today.

The wild and primitive beauty is the main attraction of the island and something special. Seen from above, the island is like a dragon head on the side of a lake with round eyes like a dragon. So that the people named the island as Dragon’s Eye Island.

Dragon Eye Island is seen from above.

Island Dragon Eye has an area of about 30 hectares. Bow-shaped island is protected by two large rocks and surrounded by white sand beaches. It has a natural white sand beaches, stretching 300-400 meters and unique natural landscapes and spectacular. Along with that, the island has lush green virgin forests; flora, floral abundance along the beach and on the cliffs.

The highlight of the island is Lake Dragon Eye, Ang blue water between rocky mountains and pristine rainforests. From the pier, passing about 100 meters of forest roads are going to Dragon Eye Lake. Clear away, beautiful lakes like rubies in the green. Guests here will be fascinated by the water clear, blue can see the bottom.

Dragon Eye Lake is like rubies middle of a vast ocean.

Sets foot in the island, visitors will immediately be impressed by the fresh air and cool sea air of the place deserted island. Comfortable sand, blue water with the waves pounding the shore as do several connections should enable inherent poetic beauty.

Dragon Eye Island has many birds, they sing in groves ran twitter. Guests can lounge on the sand, feel the pure breeze crept through every mountain side, listening to birds singing harmony, feeling refreshed. In the space of tranquility, immersed in nature and explore the pristine ecosystem, diversity is certainly a memorable experience for anyone.

Green grass and trees along the white sandy beach.

Camping on the island will be an unforgettable experience.

If you want to organize your barbeque on the beach exciting, travelers should be prepared food, carrying water and other supplies needed because the island is not available. Singing together, gather with family, friends or colleagues among the vast sea sky will definitely unforgettable moments. And remember to clean up before the mainland to keep forever Dragon Eye inherent beauty.

Dragon Eye can say the island is a relatively new address for tourists. That is also one reason why the island remains unspoiled beauty. No phone reception, no restaurant, no hotel and no any service; Dragon Eye Island forcing many people to desire to conquer, especially those who are adventurous.

At Bai Chay pier, visitors can buy tickets to the island Dragon Eye. From the mainland to the island takes about 2 ½ hours. In addition, can also go to the pier along Ocean Jumbo Column 5 (Ha Long city) to buy tickets speedboat to the island, it takes only 45 minutes.