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Pass over Co Ma Pass (Van Ninh) and Ca Pass from Khanh Hoa, the delegation has the opportunity to see the beautiful beauty of nature on the way. The visitors are out of sight through the narrow window car, watching the vast ocean, blue embracing the foot of the pass, flickering in the distance is the white sand smoothly exposed to the blue water in … More High on the top of the pass, the wider the scene, the wider.

Beautiful scenery of nature on the foot of the pass quickly drifted as the delegation approaching the first typical image of Dong Hoa: Da Bia mountain horns attached to the sentence The famous poem of the teacher, writer, folk cultural researcher Tran Huyen Ân in the "Long trip": "Stone Bia also ancient characters …"

 About Phu Yen ngao du painting . "The seal" is forever forever by the year, linked to the history of more than 500 years. "Legend has it that in 1471, when the main body attacked the Champa, Le Thanh Tong stopped at the foot of the mountain, for the soldiers to climb up the name engraved, clearly straddled the site of Dai Viet in this place." </p> <p> Da Bia, known as "Thach Bi Son", which in 2008, this unique landscape is recognized as a national landscape. </p> <p align= About Phu Yen ngao du painting - 2 Pass over the towering Da Bia Mountain (706m) with many anecdotes, that legend, we go straight to Tuy An, visit Da Dua - a beautiful natural landscapes of scenery. Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. </p> <p align= About Phu Yen, the pillars are oblique v </p> <p align=About Phu Yen Ngao du Son - 4

Leaving Da Rue, Tuy An district, our road stop to visit the foot Pass Quan Cau winding to witness the unique, peaceful "look", peace of the water surface O Loan Lake that thousand years also recorded:

"Loi as Nui Sam Cluster

It is like the surface of O Loan lake "

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O Loan. From Quan Cau Pass, we go straight to Tuy Hoa, visit Nhan Mountain (also known as Bao Thap Mountain) on the right bank of the Da Rang River. Visit the ancient Cham tower on the mountain peak, you can see the whole area of ​​Phu Yen, overlooking the sea of ​​Tuy Hoa with blue, yellow, red light … at night makes the

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Nui Nhan.