88 – the number of congestion can cause trouble for visitors to the World Cup


When the fans showed up the 88 sign in a match, many would say that this is the number of players who are favorites or refer to the number of players in the league. Eastern. But this figure is also a symbol of neo-fascism .

Some fans use space at ball games to express political thought.

Some supporters use space at ball games to express political thought. This is just one of a myriad of codes used by extreme right-wingers in Germany to circumvent the law when Nazi symbols like swastika are banned. According to Michael Weiss, a German expert in the field, not many people know the true meaning of the symbols.

Weiss is a 10-year veteran of the clothing icon and design. right wing, published Das Versteckspiel . The book is intended to raise awareness of the neo-Nazi codes that often appear in football matches in Germany.

“We want teams and fans capable of receiving This code, “Weiss replied to Spiegel . According to the expert, 88 refers to the eighth letter in the Latin alphabet, forming the “HH”, short for “Heil Hitler” – a phrase forbidden in Germany.

List Including Swastika Swastika,

The prohibited symbol list includes Swastika, the symbol of the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi flag, No. 14, 18, 88 … Photo: In addition to 88, the number 14 is also a reference to the 14-word slogan proposed by David Lane. Lane is the leader of the white supremacist group, with the words “We must secure the existence of our people and future for white children.” ours and future for white children). Meanwhile, the 18th number is referring to the first two letters of Adolf Hitler.

These numbers are found everywhere, from the sea of cars, tattoos or banners. the sidelines. “There are fans who go up to 400 km to a football game just to hold up the 1488 signs,” Weiss said.

Not only were the German authorities banned, these passwords were not. appearing in the World Cup in Russia. Recently, The Sun published a supposed copy of a book combining the Russian police badges to be found at matches. Fans will be kicked out of the stadium when they carry any symbols, pictures, numbers … no taboo.

FIFA has fined the host $ 10,100 as a supporter 88 banner in the match against Uruguay 0-3, Reuters reported on July 1. Serbia is also fined more than $ 20,000 when a fan uses a counterattack and mentions politics in a 0-2 defeat to Brazil at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow on June 28.


Some British fans are also being investigated for their fascist rhetoric and singing hymns to Hitler. Video: RT / WJC.