48 hours "fall in love" with the Central Highlands


The land of the Central Highlands is still moved north by the desire to conquer by many wild and very new features. Many people who are familiar with the sea tourism. Highlands with specialties are red soil roads, cool climate, large forests … never disappointed the hard-tempered people. Tran Thi Bich Ngoc (SN 1978, home in Nguyen Son Street, Hanoi) with a group of college students more than 20 years ago want to meet, review the memories of the students

has decided to postpone the work of himself and his family together to make a trip to Dak Lak.

48 hours & # 34; 1 seat

Sitting in the same row with her on the flight, when listening to the captain announced the flight time from Noi Bai airport to Buon Ma Thuot airport, Dak Lak province, only 90 minutes flight Ms. Ngoc shared: “Although I also travel frequently in the country and internationally but never been to the Central Highlands so also very eager to discover new land and many cultural features of copper. This place. Ms. Ngoc also said that all the information about the tourist sites in Daklak she knows very limited, because no one ever find information online.

When the plane landed at Buon Ma Thuot airport , leaving the stairs when landing at the airport, the passengers were greeted by the wind breeze, a cool feeling very comfortable.

Although this season Hanoi has also fall, the weather cool, but Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy (39, Truong Chinh, Hanoi) rhymes with delight in the cool air around, clearing the feeling of sleep when waking from early and after hops on the plane.

The first location was selected by the group of Ms. Ngoc Lak, Lak district, 56km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot city along the national highway 27 to Da Lat, on the way to the lake named. is the plateau eye.

48 hours & # 34; The land of the Central Highlands - 2

We are Tran Son Hung, the driver of the cum here said that this is the largest natural freshwater lake in the Central Highlands and the second largest area Water is wider than 1200ha behind Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan. Surrounding the lake is the area inhabited by the M’Nong people with the famous Jun. Due to the fascination with the beauty of this natural lake, in 1951, King Bao Dai built a villa for vacationers, who still receive daily visitors.

The story of the lovers Guests from the capital are still jubilant, Lak Lake has appeared before. The central point to see the most beautiful lake is from the villa of Bao Dai. Follow the spiral road, Bao Dai villas are located on a central hill. This is a modern architecture, with a three-storeyed building of over 200m2. At the foot of the high mountains, Lak Lake retains the pristine nature of the wilderness, because of the surrounding forest, and the water has not been declared. The style of squeeze, or strong one, is one we often encounter in many tourist resorts.

The tour guide of the building introduced this is the villa that the Nam Phuong Queen herself had built, so that she and King Bao Dai here rest and serve hunting animals. King. Some years Bao Dai has been in Dak Lak for 6 months.

But Lak lake is unique in our country. Nguyen Thi Hanh, a civil servant of Hanoi, first sat on the back of an elephant, After the loss of calm has been under the management of Y Long, 21 years old reassuring: “Peace of mind, Elephants with the Tay Nguyen gentle, always understand and work well together.”

Sitting on the back of elephants, reporters Hanh said: “This is a strange feeling, is rocking on the water without sailing, but on the back elephant, very impressed.”

Sister Hạnh Previously, we only heard about Dak Lak mountainous forests, never imagine a large lake and friendly elephants like this, and she believes c that many visitors to the Central Highlands that experience the feeling of swaying on the back of the elephant in the middle of the lake like this will remember forever.

After a trip on the lake, Y Long said: All 17 elephants here are “on the go.” Although elephants and people are struggling, there is not enough time to have lunch, but all are happy to be serving and introducing home. , and the features of the Central Highlands with the people of the country. ”

Trung Nguyen not only coffee

Speaking of Dak Lak, Buon Don is not to be missed. The elephant riding on Serepok river with pure Central Highlands is also special. But it is so famous that anyone coming to Daklak also visit Buon Don, so there is no need to write more information, people will not be ignored tourist attractions this characteristic.

Buon Ma Thuot can be considered as the city of coffee, because every restaurant is delicious and charming, but quite suitable to bear. But we can not go to Trung Nguyen coffee village is not enough exploration of taste and coffee culture in this place.

Although Trung Nguyen is currently in the storm of public opinion about the relationship between husband and wife Dang Le Nguyen Vu Le Hoang Diep Thao. But if we ignore the outside world, we come to Trung Nguyen coffee village to feel that this is not only coffee, but is exactly the tourist, civilized and elegant in Central Highlands. Because it is completely free of alcohol and noise pollution.

The first time to come to Trung Nguyen coffee village with wooden houses, tile roofs are beautifully built, the small landscape is a combination of stone Le Van Duc (40 years old, Hai Phong) was busy filming for nearly an hour after sitting down to call the staff. 19659007] She said: “It is true that a coffee world converge, on the entrance are the coffee trees, fruit is peanuts here is the smell of coffee Roasted pineapple to ecstasy, and most importantly to enjoy the right cup of coffee Trung Nguyen. ”

48 hours & # 34; Highlands - 3

Sitting on a flowing waterfall, in the murmur of the plateau, where the blue sky cage cage, feel the sophistication of the coffee is melting into his body, and say Sentimental stories with good friends are a pleasant and hard to describe.

When we were about to drop into the endless headless stories, from the reception desk, I tried to get a tray of sweet corn with sweet potatoes, with a sweet invitation. Raw that is taken care of as the relatives of each other so that visitors impress and remember forever. This place is not only delicious coffee, service extremely pleasant, and the culture, in every scene that Trung Nguyen shown in the coffee village makes everyone feel, Trung Nguyen not only There are good coffee, which has both the culture and the deep meaning that people must remember to bring back after a lightning journey.