3-day trekking tour in Cat Ba


3 days exploration of Cat Ba island3-day tour to explore the island will bring visitors to the uninhabited wildlife beach, visit the fishing village of Cai Beo, scuba diving, Kayak explores the cave system in Lan Ha Bay.

From Hanoi, you can take the highway or highway 5 to Hai Phong. Then connect the bridge to the sea bridge Tan Vu to the ferry boat station. From here, take a ferry to Cai Vieng to Cat Ba island. Ferries usually operate from early morning to late evening. Peak day running 24/24.

If you take the ferry, visitors take at least 2 hours to wait for the ferry and move. The price of ferry with pedestrians is 7,000 VND / person. Motorbike and a person is 25,000 VND, car under 9 seats is 95,000 VND / car.

If you take the high speed train, you can go to Binh Minh pier. Ships usually run from 8am to 11am. From Cat Ba to Hai Phong, the train operates from 8am to 4pm. It takes about 2 hours to get there. Price from 200-250 thousand VND per person, travel time about 45 minutes.

Bus fare package from Hanoi to Cat Ba is about 260,000 VND / person. You can easily book tickets or buy at Gia Lam Bus Station, Giap Bat. Departure time from 7h, 10h and 14h.

You can also go to Cat Ba from Ha Long Bay. First you take the ferry on Tuan Chau island to the port of Gia Luan. From here, take a taxi to Cat Ba town center. Many travelers are advised to travel to Ha Long Bay to sleep, overnight on Cat Ba boat for a night in Cat Ba town or on a private beach.

  • Day 1 [TransfertoCatBacampingonTungThubeach
  • Day 2


    Boat trip to Lan Ha Bay. Explore the island, swimming, diving, coral reef, kayak, visit fish cages, floating fishing village.

  • Day 3


    Visit the cave in Cat Ba National Park. Rest, return to the city.

Once on the island, visitors have two options to go by sea around the island or through the forest to the center of Cat Ba town. Many people choose to go along Cat Hai – Cat Ba through Cat Ba National Forest to enjoy the fresh air here.

If you ride motorcycles, you can spend a few hours to visit the national park. Cat Ba, ticket price 40,000 VND / person. Quoc Hung ecotourism is a place where many young people stop by for the scenery and free of charge.

After lunch on the center of Cat Ba town, visitors can visit the beach. Cat Co 1, Cat Co 3 are popular beaches but crowded. Approximately one kilometer from the town center, you can ask for directions to Tung Thu beach. The beach here is mainly used by locals, not many tourists know.

Tung Thu beach is quite clean and quiet, visitors can swim, camping overnight. If you want to plug in, you should take a group tour or hire a local guide to ensure safety.

In the evening you can go to Cat Ba night market to enjoy fresh seafood at affordable prices. Then you can take a stroll on the beach, rent a bike around the island or ride a mini rickshaw to enjoy the fresh air.

On the second day you will start exploring the island. In the town center many local guides organize small island tours. Guests can contact in advance to book or join the delegation. The tour price range from 1 million to 1.5 million VND per person for a day exploring the island off Lan Ha Bay.

Around 8 am, the ship will welcome guests to Lan Ha Bay. The area is surrounded by more than 400 islands, almost no inhabitants, so wild.

On the way to the island, visitors can stop at the raft. In addition to the popular fish species for tourists, here also stocked many kinds of fish specialties of Cat Ba such as roe, cobia, fish, sea bass …

The ship will take visitors to visit the Pristine islands such as Monkey Island, floodplain, two peaches, Long Chau Island and some unnamed islands in the Lan Ha Bay area. Most of the islands here have beaches, white sand, light wave water suitable for swimming activities.

Tour to explore the island also take guests to go scuba diving, watching the coral. If you like exploring, adventure, you should try kayak exploring the cave.

Noon visitors will set up camp, fire on the island to cook seafood. Tourists are hand-grilled squid, oysters, sea fish, surface, crabs, all are fresh.

In the afternoon you can explore the island or rowing, swimming, watching the coral . Before returning to the city, visitors do not forget to visit Cai Beo fishing village. This is one of the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam, and is considered as a living museum of marine culture of the ancient Vietnamese fishermen.

In the evening, if you have time, visitors can visit the fortress. Situated at the height of 177, the fortress is famous for its observation deck and complex tunnels. Tourists must buy tickets to visit the fort, the current gate price is 50,000 VND / person.

Last day on the island, visitors can visit the cave and Cat Ba National Forest or rest. , sea walks early and find gifts to bring.

In addition to seafood, Cat Ba is also famous for Cat Hai fish sauce. Fish sauce here, rich aromatic flavor of the sea.

Cat Ba National Park honey is also famous for its high purity and nutritional value. The honey here is dark yellow, characteristic bright, aromatic. The price of honey here is about 500-600 thousand VND, higher than other places because the bees are completely reared in nature with abundant vegetation of the Cat Ba nature reserve.

To avoid sugar congestion , waiting for the ferry, visitors should land from early afternoon. In the evening, the ferry is often overloaded. If you are stuck, you can take a speedboat to the shore. High season tour, boat and ferry are available 24/24.

Some specialties you must try when coming to Cat Ba is comedy, sam sea, shrimp noodle. Buy soups are not honey forest and dried squid.

Specialties of Cat Ba shrimp noodles are processed according to their own recipe. Shrimps are caught from the far away, fresh and fresh, chopped fish and pineapple are mixed in sweet water, sprinkled with a few slices of peeled leaves to create a characteristic flavor of Prawn noodles.

Next to the hump or snail called elephant horn. This mollusk is famous for its high nutrition. Tu com is in many areas but the comedy on Cat Ba island is more popular with tourists. You can cook comedy in many grilled dishes, salad, cooking porridge or steaming. This is one of the specialties to try when going to Cat Ba.

Porridge cooked porridge, roasted, steamed, sauce, grilled or cooked hot pot are very good. In Vietnam, there are about 30 species of fish, but Cat Ba has three types of famous fatty fish, but black and bison. Fishing in the night is also one of the favorite activities of visitors.

Sam sea is a good food to buy when people come to Cat Ba. Sam adults usually weigh about one kilogram. Specialties prepared from sam must include sam and grilled sauteed sam. Seasoning with prawn, lemongrass, chilli, vinegar, sliced, onions and vegetables The surface of salt is a famous specialty here. This dish is carefully prepared from the selection of raw materials to marinated, roasted to get the right taste.

– Summer visitors should not bathe after 6 pm because the tide is very high.

– The road to Cat Ba is often overloaded at God Ferry Terminal on the third weekend. You can park your car on land and take high speed boat to the island to save time.

– The ferry tour and the high speed train are all 24/24. The peak time from Cat Ba to the city usually falls into about 13h-21h, you can call ahead to the dock, ferry terminal to book or update the situation to actively travel.

– Visitors Make reservations in advance to save, avoid the situation room. If you can not find a hostel, you can choose homestay.

– Before shopping, visitors should refer to the price.

Photo: Than Trong Hieu, Nguyen Thuy Van, Hoang Manh Cuong, Nguyen Discovery, Trekking Island – Cat Ba